Beginner A/V Subwoofer Modeling

I have some equipment and no limitations on the size/type of enclosure.

Pulled T/s parameters for the subwoofers that I have currently... My background is car audio and musical setups 30-80hz.

I want to know from those with experience what they recommend for achieving the lowest/most efficient frequencies for Home Theatre Use (Movies).

I'm open to 6th order, 4th order, Tapered Horns, Passive Radiator Setup.

The typical consensus I see online is going vented over ported the typical setup but I want something that covers a wide Low end range of frequencies.

Have several subwoofers to play with from 8" up to 15"
I have a similar background and this was the next progression in my audio adventures. I think you may want to give the tapped horns a look for what you are wanting. You can squeeze an extra octave below fs on many drivers and they look cool too. Large, but efficient and they seem to like higher fs subs because they don't require as long of a line. Some others would obviously be 6th orders. I actually have (2) 15's in a 6th in my truck currently. Bandwith is shall I say focused rather than limited
It comes down to build complexity and size vs max spl. If you have several drivers, I would build several simple vented or sealed boxes and use the Geddes multiple sub approach to get even room coverage and huge output without spending a year building tapped horns designed around your specific drivers.