Before casing: what and why?

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Hi there,

A case of set-up for TK2050 T-Amps, my TA2020 having the minimum guts for my speakers ;
my goal: with not too much gears lying around, almost no accessories to buy like dozen of RCAs or pots, having the best sound for the simplest design, what may I build?
As I've read many advices with sonic gain going from "subtle" to "terrific", and that for many set-up possibilities, I wonder what I may screw in case(s).
I got 4x stereo TK2050 boards, Sure and HiFiMeDIY. 2x mono pots, 10K, one stereo, many many cases, 4x 35V PSUs, 2x flat pack and 2x Meanwell birck-like.
Right now powering my old DM4, can power my 2 ways open baffles later (or will never, small room sadly).

• build a simple integrated stereo amp, the TK2050 shaking the DM4 better than my TA2020 (tested when built for a friend ;)
• build, in a single case, 2 mono amps, but the pot that will be mechanically shared, will this sound really better than the classic stereo board / single PSU?
• build a 2x PSUs in one case, then a 2x mono amps in another one with 2 mono pots, sounds strange now that's it's written,
• build 2x mono amps, each with a mono pot, stack these 2 amps as one (but 2x pots) and replace my TA2020 on the rack. Will this be any better, soundwise? Shouldn't it be the same as the previous option but the casing fully separating the amps bringing a little bonus? Can be used with this folowwing layout :
• build 2x mono amps, each with a mono pot but fit them at the very back of the speakers, no speaker wires but long inteconnects, quite boring for volume adjustment, already 2 pots is boring... but 3 meters apart!

And that last option I don't trust, I've tried ghetto style to fit amps at the back of my old B&Ws, not usable, now and then very very loud high pitch is heard through the speakers, don't know if it's the amps' RFI by cycles (it's on and off from time to time) or the PSU, but as far as I've guessed the 2 brands of PSUs did the same, getting the amp few centimetres away changed nothing. To be honest even with my TA2020, wich is far from the speakers, I can slightly hear that coming and going (15Khz seems, can't hear any higher and seems the more high I can hear) when I use my turntable... wich is just on the shelf above the amp!

edit: I should add that I have built a source selector including a phono preamp, therefore I can use amps as amps only. No need of selecting source for left, then for right... even if needed for volume.

To many toys! ;) So guys, fast built and efficient set-up here?

edit: the OBs will have a passive XO, the T-amp here are just used to set gain for each speaker and maybe pre-high pass for tweeter


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