Becker BE1480 audio issues

I’ve been having some issues with the audio in my Becker BE1480. I am considering sending it to Becker in NJ for them to repair, but I’ll try to see if this is something I may be able to fix myself.

There are 2 issues depending on whether the unit plays a cassette tape or radio.

1) When playing a tape, there is only audio in the right channel. What’s more, it plays correct when set to play side 2 of the tape, but plays backwards when playing side 1 of the tape. I’ve had this issue for ~6 months. I had the unit out to visually inspect the mechanism, but nothing struck me as apparently causing the issue. I have also cleaned the tape head with rubbing alcohol.

2) The audio from the radio will play in left or right speakers and/or front and rear speakers intermittently. Only sometimes do all four speakers work at the same time. I’ve had the issue for ~2 years and I have yet to find a consistent pattern of when speakers work or don’t work. I can often increase the volume and at some point the speaker(s) will start working. I tried replacing the front speakers, but the issue persisted. That tells me that this is an issue with the head unit, not the speakers themselves. I also replaced the fader switch last year so that should not be an issue.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.