BBE MAxcom and a Godfather

I am forced to use a BBE maxcom in a club (by a 70 year old Godfather of clubs) as a main limiter in the system .
Godfather owns from previous operations top notch systems like loads of Renkus Heinz units , loads of P series EV amps and loads of any Rane you can imagine 2*32 EQ's/ 2*16EQ's loads of 3way 2 way xovers .
Top notch equipment but OLD ....Old but properly serviced
checked a few x overs all fresh top quality capacitors , all pots and switches superb clean all according to specs
Checked a couple of EV amplifiers mint clean , new top quality vents , all settings made very precise like limiters and bias and so on , some also with fresh caps ....
So in a 70 year club Godfather there is not much to do to change his opinion about something .
His opinion is that : Go behind pick up any of the equipment you like that i allready payed to get, and payed to service properly, set my new club, but keep in mind that i am not giving a single dollar for new equipment .
I explain to him that when you have a club that have a huge dance floor system and 2 other systems to cover the rest of the areas, there is no way that you get way with it without time alignment ....There is going to be areas of the club that sound is going to be messy .
God father said : how you did in the past without all these digital thingys
I said we did our best but this doesn't mean that we managed a 100% result at least regarding these details phase and time alingments
very well he said .....Just do it one more time..... period
Configuration is Allen Heath mixer goes to maxcom then to three systems that are 2*32 RAne EQ 3 Way Rane Xovers and then EV P series amps to Renkus Heinz Speakers .
been operationg loads of DBX , had to study DCX 2496 to tackle arround many details to make it sound properly and managed .Actually i will say if compresosrs and limiters are set correctly the DCX 2496 is better in safety than any drive rack from DBX .
Configuration though like above i haven't done since the 90's and BBE maxcom is the first time in my life
I am totally socked from the performance of this machine ....had to remove from the system 5 times to see what the diference is
Sound is very dynamic in moderate levels and you dont have to push the system close to 100% to get nice sound impact and dynamics
it appears that maxcom with the sonic maximizer active interacts with the music program adds and remove things to acheive the target
Sound is very very clean and very dynamic .
Its socking good even if the limiters kick in
Is there anyone that used this machine in a similar way ?
is there any more information about this application ?

Thank you
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