When the show first came out. It was
Once a week show on cable in the evening.

And it was always a good night
and anxiously waiting to get off work
to get home and watch.

After being a fan for a year or so.
The live show came to Treasure Island
in San Francisco. So took a day trip
out there. It is more unbelievable
seen live. And hearing thumps and crashes
of dying robots.
Almost scary when you see how vicious
some of those weapons are.
Im not very nerdy with merchandizing.
But will gladly admit buying a Event
T shirt that day.

BBC I believe had Robot Wars.
Been out prior to Battlebots.
Think it got aired in the US
later because of the popularity
of battle bots.

Similar but slightly different robots.
Also " House Bots" which are allowed
more weight , power and weapons.
So it is hilarious watching the House
Bots liquidate the more restricted robots.

No flame weapons. But Robot Wars had flame
weapons. And before mainly Gel cell batteries.
Now with new batteries, it is amazing to watch
batteries explode and burn in robot warfare.
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I watch it, amazing tech. I've watched it for enough years to see the evolution in design. The between fights hoopla gets tiring so I always record it, and watch later. The airing in Canada must have more ads per episode than any other television broadcast production - another reason to record it.
For the first bit, I was mesmerized by the action. Things went along and the winners kept coming up spinners. Great idea for a design, but too predictable. It also sucked to see a bot just go helpless while losing communication with the operator, unless of course, some miracle brought the communication back. WTH, I might try and watch an episode just to see if it is more fun than before. Wasn't Adam Corolla host for awhile?
I couldn't be more wrong about this!!! Just took a look at the BB Vegas style bouts. Back to being great. The spinners that I had remembered weren't in the game. NEW spinning types were created and have been at the top. Yes, I am a returning fan. Can't imagine the work that goes into these bots. When will the military enter the competition?
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Horizontal spinners which used to be the most deadly have been replaced by vertical spinners. It makes sense: when the horizontal blade hit an opponent, they received as much energy as the target, so both went flying. The verticals all spin 'upwards' so they remain planted while their 250 lb opponent goes flying. There are variations which have been successful: drum spinners, flippers, pinchers.
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I've been watching it since the beginning. It's amazing how more destructive they've become over the years along how the bots have evolved.
I'm kind of partial to the flippers that can launch a bot weighing hundreds of pounds into the ceiling. I don't get why some of the older designs like the spinners just keep on trying. It's a very old design that doesn't get them very far anymore.
Huge is a bot I laughed at when it first came on the scene. Big and wobbly and just got tore to pieces. Now it's a bot to be feared.
Does anyone remember the bot show that only lasted one season? They had big humanoid robots that were controlled by a wired remote. A few of the fights were pretty cool. Hydraulic fluid spraying out, bots catching on fire, etc. But those bots were slow and cumbersome. I was hoping the tech would evolve, but the show was canceled.
Got to admit guys, it had been a couple of years since I watched, and it has redeemed itself. I quit watching when there were too many sure things going on. The flippers are really a trip to watch. There is more power there than ever before. Seems like the de3signers would make the bot something that worked any way that it landed.
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Right now there is a live combat series,for ticket holders only. It will not be televised.
In October, there will be a televised series that was recorded a few months ago.
But the main 50 or so competitor series, that in the past had been recorded in October and shown the next Spring, has been delayed. The competition won't start until the 1st Quarter of 2024.
There also may be a tour competition.
It's hard to decode the BattleBot web site.