Battery protection on CSRA64215 Bluetooth module?

Hi all,

I am trying to have my CSRA64215 module monitor and protect (against over-discharging) my single Li-Ion battery (18650 / Lipo) but i can't seem to get it working properly..

I know it must be possible somehow, but when I configure a so called "Battery threshold" it does nothing regardless of what I set the "Vbat Trigger source" to..

2020-03-10 100917.png

I also can't get my CSRA64215 to report battery percentage via Bluetooth. I actually don't know if that's even possible with this module but I've seen some lower-end modules that can do this so I don't see why this one couldn't

Anyone here that did got this working? Or am i doing something wrong here?

Any help is much appreciated!:)