battery power supply for classT/D amp


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
12 volt gell type lead acid batteries are pretty good all rounders being cheap and rugged.

A constant voltage charger with a current limit is all that's needed to charge them... it doesn't come much easier :)

Do a google search for " Yuasa little red book of batteries"
I have build a small amp with a 12V/7.2Ahr gel/lead battery.
I used a ready made charger because it was wery cheap.
There is a lot of hours of playing in a battery of that size,
and I think that size has the best overall cost.


What type are they........Ni-Cad's, NiMH, Li-Ion and Li-Po battery types are used to power RC models.

And more recent and modern types that RC enthusiasts use are LiFePO4 and LiFeYPO4 types (not to be confused with li-po which just stands for lithium-polymer and is just another way of packaging standard li-ion batteries) that although being less energy dense than li-ion is superior in every other way having 1000s of cycles (up to 7000 cycles with only 15% degradation), much higher possible charge and discharge rates than any other battery type, completely environmentally safe, and last but not least thermal run-away being completely impossible due to it's very nature.