Battery operated phono amp


diyAudio Senior Member
2002-08-21 1:20 am

Hi diyman,

Although I never heard said preamp,it sure looks good to me.
Running the tubes on a low voltage rail certainly opens up possibilities.
I proposed an MC stage to Marjan in the Tube thread that runs also from a 24 V rail.It should complement the phono stage quite nicely.
One thing to keep in mind though:batteries are not ideal PSU's when connected directly to the circuit.I would certainly decouple them with some decent film caps.
Also,I don't see any sonic advantages in running the heaters from a battery.It's the heaters that are going to suck out most of the current anyway so I'd use a more conventional regulated DC ps here.
Why not breadboard one using a 7824 reg first so you have some idea about what the circuit is going to sound like.
Later on you can than take the plunge and go for the battery operated supply?:cool: