Basics to build an Open Baffle Line Array?

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Hello everyone. I have been reading about line arrays and most of the stuff is about commercial applications. I have seen a lot of line arrays for home audio but when I search for info, only get the pro multi cabinet info. What are the basics, rules, do's and dont's? I am into open baffles and I would like to know how you implement those rules into a project.
From that Audiocircle thread above, by designer (no measurements shown)
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My initial impression is that they sound a lot like the Super-Mini, but more real, more life like, and a lot more dynamic. With 98db sensitivity the 10 watt chip amps are all these things ever need. And with the combination of the new GR Neo tweeter and Copper Caps used in these I hear much deeper into the music and hear clarity at a level that I have never heard before with any other speakers. These things take just about every aspect of speaker design to another level. I think a lot of the burn in time that these are going to get while they are here might happen with me setting in front of them.

So last night I really gave these things a work out and had some fun with exploring the dynamic capabilities. In the end I had the feeling that the top end was pushed a little forward and a little over aggressive. They were even a little fatiguing. And I can't stand a speaker with those attributes even in the slightest. I love resolution and detail extremes, but that has to come with balance and smoothness. So I am thinking about exploring the use of a one ohm or half ohm resistor inline with the tweeters. Right now they have no resistor in the path. I softened the Super 7 in the crossover region for the same reasons. Sometimes a flat response doesn't present itself that way in a room response. And there are ways to move things forward and back in the sound stage to make things arrive just right. So I have been thinking these need a little tweaking. But then after playing for about 36 hours straight they smoothed out quite a bit. The lower end and vocals have a lot more body today as well. This is about the biggest change that I have heard in a long time from burn in. I am still going to explore the effects of tweaking the top end though

Update.... I settled on a .5 ohm resistor inline with the tweeters. It just took a slight edge off and balanced them a little better. And the change from burn in continued over the weekend. I am amazed at how much these things have changed. The bottom end actually picked up on these things a little bit, and vocals have more body and feeling. It's like I am no longer just hearing the music. I'm feeling it and being immersed in it. I feel like I went from drinking cool water to drinking cool water while floating in a pool. Each piece of music has become an experience now. It's quite amazing. Some how I need to figure out a way that everyone can hear these.

Sounds like marketing bluff to me. But I guess that's just my problem...
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