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I am currently working on my home theater system. I have a 5.1 digital reciever.Presently I am building speakers and I would like to incorporate an amp. I was just wondering how would I use an amplifier with my reciever? How do I get mor power to the speakers? Do I connect an amp after my reciever, before the speakers. do I need a preamp. This may sound like a stupid question but I'm new to this. All of this is really confusing. I am trying to learn as much as possible. I think that I am trying to soak up to much information at once and I am just missing the obvious. If anyone has any information to help I thank you for it. Sorry you have to deal with(or not deal with, your choice) my incompitance.

P.S. Could any body show me any pictures of there systems and how they have things set up.

Thanks again
You would run the left and right channel outputs from the back of the receiver to the inputs on your amplifier, which are likely to be RCA plugs. If you'd like, you can still use the binding posts and the built in amp in the receiver for use in biamplifying the speakers, if your speakers allow this.

Binding posts from receiver connect to binding posts on speakers for the high-pass filter

Receiver left/right out to amplifer left/right in. Binding posts from amplifier to binding posts for speaker's low-pass filter.

The receiver can be used as your preamp/processor/dac if necessary. You do not need to purchase these components separately if you don't desire to do so.

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A receiver incorporates a tuner, preamp, and power amplifiers all in the same box. If you want to get more power by adding external power amplifiers, you may be able to access the preamp output.
With a 5.1 channel receiver, are you talking about 5 more channels of amplifier, or are you just boosting the front left and right channels and leaving the others alone?
I doubt you would have access to the preamp output of all 5 channels. I think Super's suggestion was just referring to the 2 main channels.
Biamplifying means using separate amplifiers for bass and treble, but you have to insert a crossover between the preamp and the two power amplifiers to make this work.
Does this all make sense? If not, ask again and we'll give it a shot.
Paul: My speakers aren't in an active configuration, so the passive crossover elements are all that are used. I use my Denon 3801 to amplify the top end of the mains in my HT, and a pair of Meridian monoblocks for the mids.

And yes, I was referring to the two main channels. Very few receivers incorporate outputs for all 5 (or 7) channels. :)
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