Bang for the Buck USB DAC - Fubar ??


2008-01-25 4:37 pm
Read as many threads as a could find on DACs here and also some over at the asylum. I'm looking to improve CD playback and don't have a boatload of money. All I have now is a $89 DVD/CD player.

I thought maybe a USB DAC for use with my laptop would be the ticket. I don't want to spend more than maybe $150.

Reading a bunch, it seems like the Fubar II USB DAC might be a good pricepoint.

Can anyone confirm that this will indeed be better than my cheap CD/DVD player?

Would there be any others in that price range I should consider?

Although I wouldn't be adverse to a kit, I haven't found one in that price range either except maybe that Chinese stuff where I can't even figure out the models on the website.