Bandpass sub box

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Ok, Bill grumpled on my ported box.
The only thing I would build for a large open area is a line-array.


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Well, it appears nobody here wants to help you, only one person asked you a question and the other suggestions are kind of useless. A double chanber reflex? A line array? grumblemoan? Why even waste time posting if it helps nobody?.

I myself am rather skeptical of posts like yours with no info in them because It seems all too aften they are cross posted on 50 different audio boards and never go anywhere. sometimes 10 different people chime in with good ideas and the OP decides to just use a "recommended enclosure".....

My suggestion is to download some program like WinISD pro, find the parameters for your woofers, enter them in and design a box for yourself. Bring your parameters and your proposed design here and see what happens - people are always more willing to critique than to spend valuable time doing it all for you.
RJ said:
An open area calls for a bass reflex (ported)enclosures.
For a bass reflex design try the Dual-chambered;

This design is the hardest to build.

Id stick to the band pass.. But why. ? are you using little power but want lots of bass or have tons of room for a huge box ?
sub box

I have already tried several boxes and some we built were very loud. We built a dual 15 4th order that hit hard but they can't handle much power. I needed to know if anyone had a suggestion for anything different. I have tried sealed with the 15in and that didn't cut it. This guy want to be the loudest. I was also going to try the solo-x 18 do you have any input. Thanks for your reply.
If you only want extreme loudness then I recommend a ported box, a 6th order bass reflex box, or the best I think, the dual chamber bass reflex box, harder to build.

4th order can't beat these boxes in loudness department.
You could also try a basshorn if you have alot of space.

If you're considering the Solo-X 18 for a large space, you should look around, there's alot of alternatives. Ascendant Audio is currently selling all drivers at low prices, look for the Avalanche 18 at 275$.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.