Balanced Line Stage Gerber file

I decided to build the Balanced Line Stage and plan to do the PCBs myself.

Question 1:
I am looking for the Gerber file download on the PASS website, but wasn't able to find it. Could anyone help me with this file?

Question 2:
I'm not sure if my printout of the PCB layout from
is 1:1 scale. On my printout the line stage PCB measures
82 *144 mm. Is this the correct 1:1 size?

Gerber problems

Hi to everybody,

I am trying to view the gerber files. for the balanced zen line stage preamplifier with Viewmate v.8.011 are through its F2 option. What file do I open? The ones with extention DRL or GBR. I tried both but viewmate shows a syntax error message asks to continue but only a black page shows up?

Any suggestions?

Thank you

George Christofilopoulos
PDF for Tonertransfer or standart DIY PCB etching.
Transferred from the original Gerbers
I`ve printed them, scaled at 100%, had the dimensions it should have.


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  • PL45BR0.pdf
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Great job, thank you. Do you think, based on your experience with the sound, that it will not degrade the signal for the Saksa 85? I am asking those who have already tried it. What power amps are you using? I have a Saksa 85 by Hugh Dean and I feed it directly from the DAP Sony WM1Z mod. The sound is fantastic. I did not expect such quality. But I want to use the balance output.
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I've had mine for several years now, it was my first preamp build. I use it with balanced mono block ACA's and Aleph J using the balanced outputs. It will input and output balanced via XLR or single ended via RCA's which makes it very versatile. I now use it in the workshop for testing and breaking in other amps, such as M2X, SONY VFET P channel, SONY VFET N channel and Singing Bush using THF-51s SIT's. It has tons of gain and I would described the sound as accurate. Using this preamp I can hear the differences in each amp I've connected to it.

I've read somewhere that the design was modified using JFET output devices instead of the MOSFET's. This is an old design, 1995 was when Nelson wrote the white paper on the design.

I have since built a balanced B1 Korg and a balanced BA2018 preamps for my main system. I have one more balanced preamp which I'm working on now, Salas DCG3 which I will use with a J2 I'm building.
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