Balanced B1 Buffer


I have been playing with a B1-buffer preamp.
I would like to make the B1 balanced, so that i can keep my poweramps, close to spk. !

My quistion is, if the attached picture (Drawn by peter Daniel) will work for output at B1, giving a Balanced B1 ?

Also i would like to keep my RCA's out, for e.g. subwoofer plate-amp. How is this done proberly ?


EDIT : You can see post with big picture Here :


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select a transformer suitable for output duty.
At the input of the receiver a transformer suitable for input duty must be used.

I only have input transformers.

I have tested a quasi balanced output stage circuit from Jensen transformers App Notes using only 3 extra passive components to convert the single ended output to balanced impedance output. It works and costs almost nothing.
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