bah. Any tips to flatten a fresnel?


2004-12-08 12:41 pm
Mine came slightly warped so I clamped a wooden frame around all 4 edges, very simple to do, get some thin timber, nuts and bolts and your laughing :) The frame makes it handy to attach to threaded rod or whatever else you want to use to move the lens back/forth.

Alternative is to stick it to some glass. :D
Don’t laugh, same idea crossed my mind too, when I thought at “duplex” glass.
The process is simple: tow sheets of glass are bond together with some sort of liquid that solidifies when is UV exposed. So why not glue the smooth side of a fresnel to a sheet of glass? And speaking of UV, why not use a UV reflective glass? (well, it will be exposed from the fresnel side :) ). You will have a perfect flat fresnel and an UV filter as a bonus.