'BagEnd' equalized sub...

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Finally, I decided to build a sub...
I'll go for small box sealed cabinet so that the driver resonace is put above operational range (say 70-80hz..?)...so I have few
questions about this one particular concept (BagEnd) and subs
in general...
- I'm planning to use two Scan-Speak 25W8555-01 drivers
on the opposite sides of cabinet...is this a good idea or maybe
they should be downward firing...?
- Is SS 25W8555 good investment and will it make do in such application considering the fact that it'll work under rather heavy conditions (it'll be feed with a fair amount of power since that's the concept of BagEnd)...?
Maybe there any other drivers more suitable for this applications
(US specialty drivers do not apply since shipping cost form US to Poland are too high, taxes etc.)...? I thought about a new driver form Peerles (XLS series as far as I remeber) but feel that SS will be simply better.

How powerful amp should I use..?
What about Xover - any special considerations...?
Does anyone have experience with building such sub...?

Any ideas...?

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If you are going to implement such a severely low effieciency system as an ELF alignment, keep in mind:

-Use the largest diamter, longest excursion, linear driver you can afford--the scan speak you refer to will not be sufficient, unless you use many of them, or...you are in a very very tiny room :).

-Use an amplifier that outputs at minium, contionous power output the same as thermal rms limit of the woofer.

-tune the box optimally, to at least 1 octave above intented fc(frequency cutoff)

The active xo and integrator circuit designs to make your own elf are located at: http://sound.westhost.com

However, i would highly recommend a dipole sub if you are willing to live with low effiecency. One major advantage: minmal room modes, which in turn provide extremely clean bass response. You can find reference to, as well as detailed information to make one at: http://www.linkwitzlab.com

BAG END Infrasub-18 and and High Efficient Horn speakers

I'm also interested to know if Bag End infrasub-18 may be associated with Hedlund horns.
If so, is it possible to draw (from the pre-amplifier) one line to directely drive the amplifier driving Hedlunds (no passage through ELF) and one line to drive (through EFL) Bag End infrasub-18 ?

possibly without binding the signal
Chris, so when it comes to amplifier the only actual power limit is the heat diisipation of the driver's voice coil...?
My room is 30 m2 3.7 m height... so'll go for two 30 cm 8mm Xmax
drivers (I found a company in Germany called Visaton, their
TIW 360 looks good and is the same price as mentioned avove SS).
The idea with dipole is good, but how drivers would I need...?
Actually I own electrostatic speakers, and because of their nature, they sound diiferent in other room. And I want a bass everywhere ;)

What amplifier shematic do you recommend...?
I'm going to use two drivers - one amplifier for both or
two - individual for each driver...?


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For dipole use, or bagend use... two 12" drivers will be really pushing for usable linear output. I recommend at least 2 15" drivers, or 4 12" drivers for either alignment.

Power handling is dependant on the alignment used for a woofer, it's thermal power dissapation and excursion limits. The actual power handling that is possible is variable, dependant on the excursion in a particular alignment. Dipole and ELF alignments, the limiting factor will likely be excursion, and will not get to approach thermal power handling limits.

You can view such limits graphicly, using boxplot or unibox software, both available for free download.

What amplifier schematic do I recommend? None. I don't build amplifiers, I purchase them. Inquire about this in the relevant forum on this site.

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