Baffle step correction in a FAST 2way


2010-09-02 12:45 am
I'm considering using the EL70en and a woofer in a two way FAST speaker. I'm trying to figure out how baffle step compensation can be used in this type of arrangement. I do not have an enclosure designed yet but I'm guessing the enclosure width would be between 10" and 14" wide.
Let's assume the width of the cabinet is 12". If my calculations are correct the wavelength that corresponds to this width is about 1125Hz.

I'm only guessing but I would think the crossover frequency for the system will be near 500hz. I would like to mount the EL70en in an open back "dipole" arrangement. I believe this should help with baffle step? I am also willing to add another woofer to the back side of the enclosure to help reduce the loss in out put at the lowest frequencies.

How can I employee BSC with this type of speaker?
What does 115 represent?

An empirical number pulled from Olson's actual measures.

F(bs) = 4560/width (inches) = 4560/12 = 380 Hz

I'd look to XO in the range (380 Hz x 0.707) to 380 Hz.

Woofer(s) is ideally (the amout of baffle-step needed) dB more efficient than the FR if you are going to attempt a passive XO