Bad connection at cartridge

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Tonearm wire connection at cartridge is intermittent so needs to be resoldered. I have a lot of soldering experience but not with such small gauge wire. What's the best way to strip off the insulation without damaging the individual strands which are about the thickness of hair?
I presume you mean that the wire has separated from the connector which pushes on to the cartridge terminal.

I've managed to strip the insulation by the judicious use of a pair of nail clippers of the type show in the attachment.

Applying just the minimum amount of pressure to nick into the insulation while pulling it away from the wire requires some practice - I suggest you try it with some other thin wire first.


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Wire breaking at the cart clips happens all the time. Especially with Cardas wire :)

No biggie to resolder if the plastic insulation is not Teflon: just use a moderately hot iron to melt the insulation around and pull a piece off. When soldering make sure the iron is again not too hot.

If the insulation is indeed Teflon use a sharp knife by just dragging its blade at a low angle along the insulation pulling small particles off until a sufficient length of copper/silver appears at the end.
Here is a photo. Let me say first off that I did not make this mess.

I bought this TT from a guy a few days ago. He told me that he broke a wire changing the cartridge and had trouble repairing it but got it to work. It obviously needs to be redone.

Not sure where to proceed from here. Would you remove the cartridge and maybe the tonearm and then fix it? Maybe rewire the tonearm with new wires with the connectors installed?

I have never tried to install new wires in a tonearm and don't know how they connect at the other end.

I will say that the rest of the Music Hall MMF5 is in very good shape and I paid $250.


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All those cartridge connectors could do with replacing.

Worth trying that before going to the trouble of rewiring the arm.

Depends on how much slack is there in the wires emerging from the arm tube - would you have sufficient length to work on after cutting off the old connectors?

Removing the cartridge may give you more working room.
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