bad bulb or ballast?

Before I start I will mention my ballast is 400W magnetic big hunk of metal that has worked with this bulb before. It just has a capacitor, doesn't need an Ignitor (well I assume this because it has fired the lamp up a few times before).

OK so here is what happened. I finally get my projector box built, did a test without LCD (just incase), the lamp fires up when i flip my home depot switch, the arc stops suddenly. OK, so I let it cool down five minutes and turn it on again. It goes fine and gets nearly full brightness and then I turn it off to test the LCD.

So I place the LCD in its slot, etc. Fire up the fans and then the ballast. Nothing Happens. The fans are running so there is power. I stick my finger in the fan to silence it and I can hear the ballast humming. I left it running like that for about 15 minutes hoping that the Light would strike. It just doesn't do anything. I turned everything off and came here. This is really ******* me off because the arc area looks the same as before, and I don't know if i need to buy a new lamp or ballast or what.

I should also mention I am using wire nuts on the ballast-lamp connections and they are well tightened.