B200 Surrounds

There has been some discussion here and elsewhere about KEF B200 surround ageing. Most of the concern is over the "flatness" of the surrounds on the "big magnet" models like the SP1039 and SP1054. It has been said this is due to age.

Some have said that applying brake fluid or armor-all helps but I'm not sure it is even an issue.

Did the "big magnet" models have a different surround than the "little magnet"?

I just (!!!) noticed that my SP1054 surrounds are bigger than my SP1014s so I measured them. I measured from the inner edge (on the cone) to the outer edge (on the chassis). The SP1014s are 1 and 3/16s and the SP1054s are 1 and 3/8s.
Go figure.

If some of the proud B200 owners here could measure their surrounds and report back we might be able to have a clue. Any ex-KEF people with insights would be fabulous.

Thanks to all.