B&W DM602 S1 ferrofluid tweeter.

Hello everyone. I have a pair of B&W DM602 S1 speakers. Purchased in 1996 and manufactured in the same year.
Is it advisable to clean and replace the ferrofluid in your tweeters since they are 27 years old?
Is there a way to tell when the ferrofluid has dried up?
Greetings and thanks for answers.
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FF after the 90s are way better than before according some testimonials and ages better. Some talk about 30 yo or more before changing it.

You can have a visual inspection if you know how to dismantle the tweeter. You can see the viscosity of the FF on the voice coil and also with a thin paper in the coil gap to see if nearer from marmelade than thick liquid. BUT, there are different grade of viscosities with fresh FF and you should try to check the one of this tweeter with BW or on some forums is someone is knowing about it.

Indeed it is sometimes hard to know what FF you purchase with FF refluifing kits. If you see the FF is dry or sticky on the inside of the voice coil, it is time to clean with alcohool and re FF it or leave it as it cleaned if not listen to loud !

Btw it is said to be a good sounding tweeter you have. :)