B&W 802S3 Refurb?

Complete newbie here. My mother in law has an old pair of B and W 802s3’s. They sound all crinkly and full of static. When I looked at the cones they looked like the attached picture. The rubber had all split etc.

Would it be worth trying to fix these or shall I write them off?

Thank you all for your help and expertise.

I will check again today but I believe there is sound coming from all the speakers but it all sounds crackly and interferencey (a word?)

I suppose there may be a crossover issue too? These were purchased new in the 90s and were shipped over from the east to west coast - I’m wondering if they degraded while shipping ?
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You could take out the woofers and listen to the mid and tweet without the cracles.
It would surprise me if the crossovers would be faulty. They are well build.
I must admit I've never seen such heavy degradation on B&W woofers. Perhaps they were stored in a hostyle environement for the surrounds.
Perhaps they overheated in transport?

I reached out to local repair shop who quoted me $90 per surround installed, plus another $170 for the labour of removing from the cabinet (which I suppose I could do without too much difficulty?). That would come out to around 530 total to fix (as long as there are no other issues)

My mother in law had been looking to replace with a pair of 704 S2's for $1900 total. SO I think we will try the repair instead.

Any views on the 704's in comparison ?

Also - these are being on an Arcam solo from 2008.
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The 800 series are another league on their own. No other series can beat them.
Removing them is very easy, a few screw and and a few wires.
Regarding the price, I find it quite high, but hey, if you think the guy is trusthworthy...
Over here we have a few shops and reconing / refoaming is the only thing they do. Personally, I trust these the most, they usualy know their job very well.
Don't know about your local shop.
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Here, but I speak from years ago, B&W works with an exchange system. If they still have the woofers, you have to hand in the old ones for new ones or ones they have repaired. That will of course be a lot more expensive. Well worth checking out.
Yep and looks like the same with the surrounds. Here’s the response from b and W

“Hello Jonathan,

Thank you for contacting Bowers & Wilkins.

This is such a cool picture to see, unfortunately we do not have these surrounds any longer as we stopped production of parts for these speakers 10 years after their release.

That said, if you were to find a local speaker repair shop, they may offer reconing services which will repair the surrounds on the drivers themselves allowing you to continue enjoying these speakers.

If you have further questions, please let me know. “