B&C 12PE32 for low mid

Does anyone have experience of using these drivers in OB or sealed enclosures for low mid use? I have a pair that I would like to try in my 4 way active system. I know they are generally used in horns, and I have heard them sounding very good indeed, but I don't have the space. I'm looking for a bit more attack on transients than I currently get with OB mounted Cabasse 30Ds, which go very low indeed in the right sealed or ported box, and are a bit wasted in this system. Efficiency is not an issue as there is plenty of amplifier power available, and it won't be used below about 170 hz. From research I've done so far it looks like it might be hard making a sealed enclosure small enough, and I can always just try a small OB or open back, but I'd be interested to hear any real experiences.
I tried them in a sort of OB - asymmetric open back boxes - with active crossover at 155 - 800 and they are great! Very punchy, but open and airy and good with all music so far. I don't think I'll bother trying sealed enclosures as they sound so good like this, particularly with OB upper mids as well.
Highly recommended!
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