B&W drivers Alpine status three way xover

B&W drivers Alpine status three way xover

Okay, this is my first post, after being a long time lurker. I want to combine two 8" B&W ZZ04731 drivers with an unknown 2-3" mid and a unknown tweet and an Alpine F1 Status car audio xover (the three way alpine status was built by scan-speak and are rebadged revelators)..So, the unknowns. I was holing for suggestions. I was thinking about vifa D75MX41

Here's the madisound link

And the tweeter I was hoping for suggestions.

These WILL be home audio front stage speakers. I plan on using prefab panels from partsexpress.com

Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated....be kind, be mean, any response will be welcome
passive xover reason

I'm a novice. Looking at the partsexpress catalog, it looks as if designing and building custom crossovers is a possibility. They sell the PCB boards as a foundation. The problem is knowledge. That's what I'm seaking here. I know this isn't the place to be completely educated, however I was hoping for feedback like this, but more to the point, a suggestion of direction. Like, "pick up the book by ----------------- written on the subject of designing your own crossovers, enclosures, and line arrays....."

I know there is a ton to learn, would using well built xovers, with well built drivers be all that terrible? I know the crossovers designed for that three way system would have crossover points intended for the three scan-speak drivers and their corresponding intended enclosures. Those points are probably ideal for those drivers. The ideal points for the drivers I'm using are probably (within a certain frequency range) similar but not exact.

Am I way off base?

I do recommend... Vance Dickason, Linkwitz Labs (web site), True Audio web site, LSPcad website, and google search for crossovers... even holding EE degree I DID much more learning reading this recommendation than years of college... ( i´m assuming you already know about basic electronics, resistors, capacitor, inductors, and some math involved).

Good reading...