Avr mcu class d Amplifier


2016-05-06 7:50 pm
Thanks for helping
But i think it isn't good choice for class d amp
I try to use mcu because i have loud noise in other class d amplifiers
I made tl494 class d amp
That's good but have loud noise when input signal is zero or i'm not connected input audio.
If i can solve this problem,i don't use another type of class d modulators(and amps)
Because i love tl494 for modulating class d's spwm pulses.
The tl494 get noise from audio in gate
When i get my hand closer to tl494 the noise level is go up
In one of the tests I wrapped the wire(that connected to ground) around the input signal wire and noise level get low
But i had a little noise again
The noise like playing 3 4khz signal in midrange.

I attached my class d amplifier schematics.


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Did you ever read the data sheet of your love? The TL494 is great for many things, except audio amps. The only fact, a device amplifies oscillations does not make it a great audio amp.
Do you use spaghetti to drill holes in concrete? Just the same, may work, but other drills are better.
So maybe cook your spaghetti, eat them and later find a new love, that does not reject your advances.