AVF-Series Capacitor Replacements?

I have tried Google, as well as the Nippon and Consolidated(?) Chemi-con websites and they have not a single hint. The next step is *gasp* actually CALLING a company and asking about the product...:bigeyes: and yes, I also searched here... oh yes, digikey's catalog is useless for me as well.

My car's subwoofer amplifier (Sony Mobile ES M3) is down right now. Down and out, and in pieces actually. The power supply capacitors had started whining quite loudly about 15 years of hard service. Those, I can deal with. The problem comes when I start looking to replace all the rest of the caps in the unit. They are almost all AVF "audio grade" capacitors. Does anybody have a clue about these besides the manufacturer? Any hints on substitutes that are less than $10 (or $5) per cap? These are for a *car*, remember so highest quality isn't terribly important, but I wouldn't mind spending a few extra dollars to at least get something like the same grade that Sony designed in. High reliability and temperature ratings (3000-5000 hrs and 105*C) would be a plus. Values range from 10 to 63 volts and 1 to 3900uF.