Augsperger TL query

I have a set of Jordan JX53s which I'd like to use in a TL. Not having MathCad, I've been playing with the Augsperger TL alignment tables from his May 2000, JAES paper. The offset arrangement seems to work well for this driver. Extrapolating a little from his tables gives a pipe tuned to 110Hz, F3 of 132Hz and a pipe length of 31". The driver is offset 6" down from the closed end of the pipe.

All well and good so far - but how about if I use four drivers in a linear array? Obviously the pipe volume increases but what about length? If I centre the four drivers at 6" down, that means the driver array reaches from the closed end of the pipe to 12" along it's length.

This may be ok and there's probably one sure way to find out. I wondered if anyone else is familiar with these alignments and has any insights?



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