Audiostatic ES-100 Schematics

Can you advise me? I'm planning to build a replica of ES-100, but I can't find a complete wiring diagram and information about transformers. There is some information in a book, but I'm looking for something like what's in this link. Thank you.

If anyone has photos of your construction or the remaining 6-micron film, I would be interested in purchasing them. PS: Please don't message me about the Facebook page, as I'm already aware of it, but it's not an efficient platform for finding what I need. The forum is more suitable for this purpose.
The ES50 is very similar to the ES100. The major difference being the size of the panel. . If I remember correctly the resistor to the stator is of a bit lower value but you need to adjust anyway if your spacing is different. The rest is the same.
Audiotransformers are 1:75 each so 1:150 total.
I build a similar one with 1:100 total which works fine as well.
Thank you for your response. The quality of the output transformers is important to me, so I wanted to purchase them from as indicated in the instructions on the website However, nobody replied to me when I contacted them. Therefore, I searched and found out that the original transformers are from Amplino, specifically the Amplino ST 150. However, when I contacted amplino official, they told me that they don't want to deal with it. So, I wanted to at least find out the specifications required by another manufacturer, such as the winding, impedance, and wire diameter. Unfortunately, I don't have that information to provide.

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Amplimo ST 150: 1:150 full-range 40Hz...l6kHz 100 VA 8Ω f 300

From Audiostatic es-175 (ES-100)
The amplimo transformers have been used by DIY. The transformers in audiostatic do not look like the amplimo's neither do they have the large bandwith of the amplimo's. I assume they are from a different manufacture. I do not have any specific details regarding the original audiostatic transformers. Maybe someone else does. Fortunately the segmented audiostatic should be a relatively easy load so you may have your luck with a lot of different brands.
At the website of Menno vd Veen, the designer of those amplimo's, a 1:75 transformer is listed. You may check it out. Not cheap but, as I have experienced myself, the quality is high.
Thank you for your help. It's encouraging for me that someone is discussing this with me. The type and data I mentioned are from a book. I already wrote to Menno van der Veen yesterday, and yes, they have toroidal transformers with a ratio of 1:75, but they are incredibly expensive, nothing to blame. A friend promised that if I'm patient, he will wind a test transformer for me after the summer holidays for approximately 60 euros each. Which is an acceptable price. He has already wound something for me in tube amplifiers, so I know he does quality work. They will be traditional transformers, which are more suitable. It's essentially an output transformer like the one in a tube amplifier, but wired in reverse... in layman's terms. In any case, thank you for your help and willingness to assist. Regards, M - Elektrostatische luidsprekers.pdf (in the ES-175 construction, there are also graphs of amplimo and tests.. I think that in the ES-100, there were two transformers in a row, probably 2x 1:75 or 1:50.

Indeed, the ST150 is out of production. Presently we have two types (ratio 1:50 and 1:75, see the links below).

If you need any more information, please let us know.

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