Audiosource AMP


2008-04-13 6:38 am
I'm shopping around for a AMP to use on a home subwoofer.

The sub is a MTX DVC 4 ohm. I bought it 4 years ago and only used it for a couple weeks. Otherwise it's just sat around.

I put the sub in a box using a crossover plugs from a JVC speaker, wired in series and drove it through a 290W JVC receiver. Sounded great. A good box and a little more power it would be perfect.

I think around 150-250W per coil is ideal.

I've been looking at various Audiosource AMP. I'm thinking about the AMP 3 or AMP53A (possibly paired.)

Here is where I get confused a bit, where would I get a crossover to drive the sub? Or would the AMP 3 bridged mono be sufficient. The AMP53A being mono-block I would think I wouldn't need anything between the coils and the amp. But I'm not well versed with audio.

I would also welcome any suggestions for a box. I've been looking at various diagrams on here for the build. But I get a bit confused since I haven't read up on this stuff since I build my last sub box 4 years ago.

Hello Dudes, I don't know much about the Audiosource amps you are interested in, so I can't help making a decision there. But in regards to a crossover for this setup, I would personally recommend using an active crossover before the power amps. This will remove the frequencies above the crossover point from the signal going into the power amp. This way the power amp has an easier job and it will be happier, and you should get a cleaner sound. If possible, you can also use an active filter on the signals of your JVC to remove the low frequencies from going to your main listening speakers. This should improve the sound even more by allowing the power amp section of the JVC to amplify just the signals above the crossover point. This helps remove a lot of amplifier related distortion from your mid and upper range signals.