Audiophile DIY 3 way loudspeaker system


2010-10-13 12:35 pm
Hi All,

Hello fellow audiophiles, I need your precious advice, this is my second forum post ... so be gentle with me [IMGDEAD][/IMGDEAD]

I am seriously thinking about building a 3 way loudspeaker system from a DIY kit to replace my old (also DIY) 2 way Audax loudspeakers.

Based on my experience, my preference is for a 3 way large floor standing and not a 2 way + a sub, though some of the designs that follow (see below) do call for a separate enclosure for the large 12 woofer and some might treat that as a "sub".

After a lot of research I nailed down the options to the following, however I am willing to consider other options if one of you here thinks it is a better option:

1-Eton 11.2 Kit, 3-Way, Parts Only - Pair , see

2-Zaph|Audio SB12.3 ~ SB Acoustics 12", Dual Midrange, 3-Way , see{8}76{2}35

3-Eton Duetta , see Loudspeaker Kit Duetta by Klang+Ton

4-Eton empire, see Intertechnik Lautsprecherbausatz Eton Empire
(This kit actually ships with two Hypex HS 200 Sub-woofer amplifiers).

My current choice is the Eton empire, please let me thing what you think,
I shall be listening mostly to music, at present i am using the Beyerdynamic DT 880 coupled with Gilmore light headphone amp, I plan on also purchasing the NuForce Icon HDP and I will also need a recommendation for a sub 500$ power amplifier.



Mike Gergen

2004-09-20 11:01 pm
I built a tri-amp'd version of the Eton 11.2s with LR2 crossovers.

These are the best sounding speakers I've listened to in a long time. OK, I'm biased.

The Empires look interesting, haven't seen these before.

If you can find a pro dealer go listen to the Adams monitors. Adam uses the Eton drivers and sound similar to the Eton kits.

When I built mine I was trying to get a cross between the 11.2 kit and the Adam S5.