Audiolab 8000A - fuse blows


My beloved 20 year old Audiolab 8000A "died" on a party after about 2 hours of continuous playing at a little more than moderate sound level. I guess it could have been overheated.

The fuse was blown so I changed it, but it blows again as soon as I push the power button.

I have opened the case to look for burnt components but haven't found any. Not an expert though.

Is there any hope for revival? Do you have any suggestions to what the problem might be and how difficult/expensive a repair might be?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
search for 8000A in this Forum.

Lot's of advice in identifying your model from pics and on what to change when a channel is blown.

Both channels? can you temporarily disconnect the rectifier from the smoothing caps to see if the transformer and rectifier are OK?

Build up a mains light bulb tester and use that to get the amp to power up without damaging any more components.