Audiobahn 12's going deep

Every now and then a friend of mine or someone who knows me will want me to make a custom sub box cuz they know I will hook them up right. Well I went to school with this particular guy and he was lucky enough to have a girlfriend who bought him subs!

She got him some Audiobahn 1208T 12" subs with like 20mm one way xmax(overhung motor) and 1500watts RMS(as audiobahn claims).

Well he wanted me to use the suggested enclosure that audiobahn gives but I convinced him we could do a bit better. They suggested something like 3cubic feet tuned to 35hz or something like that. Insanely high tuning if you ask me. With cabin gain the 35-50hz band would be boosted probably above 10db somewhere and group delay would be off the hizzle. So I decided a bit larger of a box tuned a bit lower would do a bit better.

3 cubic feet tuned to ~19hz was what it ended up being and very close to a 6db EBS.

Here's some pics
Here's a cutaway of the enclosure


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It was actually a pretty tricky build. Doing angled enclosures always involves alot of math to get the volume perfect and not only that but there were recesses in the back of the enclosure to allow it to fit in his trunk. Port displacement must also be accounted for.

I suppose its very difficult to accurately calculate the type of port I created here anyhow. It first is spilt in two sections, which I believe has little effect on tuning, but I'm not absolutely sure. And then the front exit is angled so the port doesnt particulary have a specific length there.

I figure the port was at least 46 inches at shortest which yeilds ~19hz tuning and even if its off by one or two hertz it shouldnt matter much. I only listened to it for a bit after we hooked it up, but it definately turned his backseat into a gaint massage chair at 30hz at half volume. The seat seemed to be moving at least a quarter of an inch. We didnt turn it up past half though...