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Audio Techne MC

Need to make some money for other DIY projects, so selling my new Techne Audio MC cartridge. This is a "one and only" of this version. Made by Klaus-Peter Grasse at Techne Audio. Brand new Denon DL-103 is stripped, cantilever removed and refitted with a boron cantilever with Shibata stylus. Then mounted to a carbon fiber isolated bronze housing. This needs a little heavier than standard counter weight. Optimal tracking force 2.3 gram. Cartridge has played less than 10 LP´s, but since i have Sumiko Palo Santos, Zyx Ultimate 100, Ikeda-9ts amongst others, this one will have to go to a new owner. Have stylus protection cover and original box.
Asking 400 Euro, preferably to EU buyers, but will ship worldwide, if buyer pays shipping.
PM for add. details.


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Good morning Hasse,

package/cartridge arrived in good condition.
You were right about the weight….this cartridge weighs 22 gramms. Not unsurprisingly that this version never hit the market as not many arms can cope with that mass.
My ViV Rigid Float is able to take up to 50 gramms so i mounted the Audio Techne to a Audio Tekne carbon headshell (16 gramms).

And then the fun starts:
- everything works;
- well known 103 characteristics but very controlled bass (when the standard 103 is sometimes warm/euphoric in the lower region this Audio Techne is more precise);

Happy with the result. And now i need to give this cartridge some running hours to come break in. But the first impression is very positive.

Added some pictures.


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