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Audio Precision System One GPIB & PCMCIA

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I have decided to sell my Audio Precision System One. It has a full complement of documentation including scripting manuals, has both the APIB (PCMCIA) and GPIB (ISA) interfaces so can be connected to either a Desktop or a laptop PC, or both. It has both the original and the updated software.

Unlike most of the eBay offerings, it has a good heritage/provenance, coming from an engineer who also services and calibrates these machines, so was last looked at about 2 and a half years ago. As far as I know everything on it is working and I have never yet come across a problem.

The newer versions, which incidentally are about £28,000, I think only have noise floor that is 6dB better than these - and anyway you'd need to be very careful with your measurements to get near there anyway. And it's also worth bearing in mind that most all of the measurements on some of the best op amps out there were made on exactly this machine.

I'm looking for something in the region of £3000 for this. The item in England, not that far from London. If you want to test it upon pick up may I suggest bringing a cheap £50 laptop with XP on it and the downloaded software from the AP website. It should work first time.
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I assume everyone must think this is wildly expensive. I don't think it is, especially as it's potentially moveable in price. If I were to issue a VAT invoice, which I would rather not, that knocks £600 off the price. Then less £350 for the extra interface board, plus a few useful cables and connectors thrown in. Once we are there we are only a few hundred quid away from a mongrel on Ebay with no history, no recorded calibration and no documentation.

Sure it is not very much cheaper than a s/h version of an APx525, if you are lucky, but there is a world of difference in what they cover and how much they can do But if anyone disagrees then do say so.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.