audio physic tempo 2 - one of tweeters started to sound quieter


I have just bought for good price (i know why now) audio physic tempo 2. I had no chance to listen them before buying - these specific speakers. First thing I noticed was lack of bass but I found reason - very poor soldering. High tones were ok, but something happened during soldering and now one of tweeters sounds quieter.

I will check tweeters soldering too, but in the mean time I got this idea to check what kind of tweeter is in them and if neccesary replace them, but I can't find any reliable information.

Do you maybe know what exact speakers are in Tempo 2 - both of them.
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The image you provided is of the Tempo II SE and not the Tempo II.

Please confirm which version you have as the drivers may be different.

The Tempo II employs a Scan-Speak soft dome tweeter and a Vifa woofer.

Can you supply photographs of the drivers?
On the photos are my exact speakers. I've checked my tweeter has signature 25taf cd/gbw-aph h864 6ohm.

Mid is Vifa PL18WO09-08.

My research also says tah t replacement for tweeter might be Seas 27TBFC/G
Hey, Any luck confirming what replacement tweeter might fit? i have the exact same problem with my tweeter and also need to replace it. Struggling to find the correct replacement. Any help would be super appreciated!
Chances are it is a SEAS tweeter. 104mm faceplate.

Fabric dome or metal? Ferrofluid or not:

Interesting stuff from Joachim Gerhard here:

You can get an idea of the model from the construction too:

I would be testing them with a 1.5V penlight battery. If reduced output, you might think the ferrofluid oil needs replacing. It can go solid and kill off the loudness.