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For Sale Audio Nirvana Super15 Alnico

Things you have for sale.
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^ I've heard whisperings of such things, but never actually seen it referred to directly...

Perhaps a trip to a local audio store will aid in the discovery of Will and his mystical powers. I had previously assumed Will was related to Austin. The mystery unfolds before my eyes.

I'm getting closer total consciousness... Gotta schedule another round with the Lama, which will be nice. :joker:

I couldn't resist. I was really hoping someone would get these before my uncontrollable urge kicked in.

I typically don't post after purchase b/c maybe my wife sees my posts. :joker:

Posting b/c of the absolutely incredible efforts that @baggerbole undertook to get the drivers to me safely. A gentleman of the first order. They arrived packaged incredibly well. The outer boxes made it seem as if the package was dropped from 10k meters onto my front porch and then attacked by rabid wolves. However, the internal contents were unscathed.

It'll be a while before I can figure out what cabinets will work best in my space (restrictions), but I look forward to hearing my first set of full-range.

Yes, and now you know what to get me for Christmas.
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^ Definitely. :joker: