Audio Nirvana Super 8 The Monitor

I like to build for my Audio Nirvana Super 8 a vented cab and (the monitor )from common Sense Wyatt Acoustics CommonSense Audio Monitor (pair) shows be a good compromise.
Can someone tell me how are the dimensions of the vent tubes?
Thank you very much.

For a flat response with those drivers (from memory) they don't go very low, and the box on the audio nirvana website looks really big for such a response. You should get a program like winisd or hornresp etc to find the tuning that you think is acceptable.


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you can get it a bit lower using a BVR but it will never go low without a back loaded horn. Below is 20ltr BVR. BVR's in my opinion are much better sounding that standard bass reflex set-ups, they have less of a thud and boom to them.