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Audio Nirvana Super 12" full range in open baffle - 95db 8 ohms

Audio Nirvana Super 12" full range speakers for sale. $350 obo.

I have placed these drivers in an open baffle design. These are high sensitivity, 95dB/W, and impedance friendly, 8 ohms, drivers ideal for low power tube amps.
I didn't use them much, about 300 hours.
The cabinets are made of birch plywood. All edges have been routed using a 1/4" round bit. I used high quality single crystal solid core coper wire and heavy duty binding posts for the terminals. I have not finished the wood, only sanded.
Due to their size and lack of packaging material, they are available for local pick-up only. I'm in Northern NJ, Montclair area. less then 15 miles west of NYC.

PS: I might consider selling the drivers only and recycle the wood into another project, in which case I could ship the drivers. I have the original boxes.


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Re: Baffles

pboser said:
Are you keeping/recycling the baffles? If not, I might be interested - I'm in NJ, so shipping wouldn't be an issue.

I was going to recycle them, but I can sell them for the wood and screws and some sweat.
The cut out hole is 11". I'll remove all hardware (if I can) and recycle into the new cabinet unless you need that too in which case I'll add to the total.
Let me know...