Audio jack for avionixx 1200.2, ED NiNe.1

Thats the picture of the output jack, the input jack is completely missing it cracked off. At one time I used some panel mount RCA jacks on it but id like to get this back to how it came from the factory. I contacted a ED since avionixx is now defunct and they said a replacement would be around $20 and it could take a few weeks to dig one up from the factory in china.. If theres any idea you had to get something close to that id be fine with it
The following may work but the pins won't line up perfectly and you'll have to hardwire the shield ground because it's under the jack instead of behind it.
161-4219-E Kobiconn Phono (RCA) Connectors

I've also used the following jack. It requires that you hardwire all of the terminals. This is the one I generally use on this type of amp (budget Korean/Chinese amps with owners who don't care if it's original as long as it works reliably).
161-4220-E Kobiconn Phono (RCA) Connectors

If you want it to look exactly like the original, you'll have to order the original jacks.