audio input

the steering wheels are all bad and the belt is broken. I want to replace it with an auxiliary input . I wanted to use tape or cd library input for providing external audio input from an mp3 player. And because modifying cd library seemed to be harder(i must emulate the library control) i resumed for using tape channel. I shorted the 2 wires that signal that the tape is present thus it reads all the time the tape head. i replaced the tape head with an effective signal from a PC sound card but there was a big hum. I realised after that the PC sound and the one that is picked up by the tape head aren't the same. But i don't know where to tie the signal cable on the board...


2005-01-01 3:33 pm
You don´t need any steering capstans/idling wheels or belts for the cassette adaptor, just insert it and the audio signal will do the rest.

The cd library (car cd changer) input is probobly a regular stereo input rca connector together with a separate control signal connector that either goes to a HU with cd control buttons or a separate control panel for track skip, pause, play, stop and those kinda functions.
if the mech is all screwed, the tape head is usually still OK. what you can do is remove the radio and open it up, and basically just stick in the tape adapter thing so that both heads touch each other. If worst comes to worst, just rip out the mechanism and get the two heas to touch somehow. you might need to play around and find a switch in the tape mech that tells it that there is a tape in it.

If that fails, look for RCA inputs on the back, or try the different pins on teh CD changer connector, or get a cheap FM transmiter