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Audio GD DAC + Linn Axis + Rega A2D

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Having a bit of a clear out. UK based.

I know they are not necessarily DIY but thought someone on here may be interested.

1) Audio GD NFB3.1 DAC (upgraded)

Dual WM8741 dac chips and dual mono power supply design.

Good used condition minor scratches to case, Coax/USB/Toslink input, 2.5V (variable) and 2mA outputs, DIR9001 coax board, Audio GD supplied Amanero USB card, selectable filters, 10k ohm Log Dale Resistor ladder attenuator on outputs to make it variable, solid aluminium volume knob, Mogami cable. (comes with original Tenor USB card)

I use it directly with active monitors and it works really well, very clear and nothing but a resistor in the audio output. Could also be used with older amplifiers with lower voltage inputs.

£300 + Postage (in mainland UK) (or pickup see below)


2) Linn Axis turntable with Linn Basik Plus tonearm and Audio Technical VM95ML (micro linear) cartridge (stylus has 200 hours used out of 1000 hour life)

Very Good condition, lid has minor scratches but is clear and not cloudy, new hinges so they are not cracked and do work, wood surround very good, speed control works fine. Sounds wonderful, with the ML stylus on the AT VM95 body it digs out so much detail.

Comes with a Linn A2D phono stage in very good condition

£425 - prefer pick up in West Sussex or possibly drop off in Farnborough, Salisbury or occasionally Bristol.



More photos on my Flickr account - Items for Sale | Flickr

Also have videos of the volume control and turntable working if required.

Any questions please ask.
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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.