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hint or spam?

is this a hint or is it spam?

:cop: We usually do not object to a link in the signature, but if links to commerical venues are posted without having been asked for it, this smells like unwanted advertising. I observed the same post in the Electronic Parts board. So it looks even more like spam. Please do not let this happen again, ok? :(

(dice45, diyAudio Moderator)
hint or spam?

How about an official policy? Since the links section is full of comercial offerings and the site contains a trading post forum, you can hardly call this a totally non-comercial site. What about PCBs for sale? If policy is changing on this, I think it is time to post some clear policy on this issue. I find a parts source for DIYers to be much less spam than some of the other post by wire or amplifier manufactures that seemed to have slipped in. Let's face it, it is hard to build much without good sources for small quantity parts orders.

no that bad. Just, another member complained.
And did not remove your post, i just removed the cross-post in the other board.
And i put your link inot my personal link collection :)

Even if i get complaints, i will not get into action at all if i see one member asked for a source and the other member provides it.
No problem. Solicitation, maybe a problem if another moans :)

BTW, you can offer stuff in the trading post board. Just not commercially, atleast not too blatant.

maybe we have to think about official policy. But i remember you were among those enthusing to sing the spam song over Kendrick/SilverStealth, so please do you not give lectures about this topic, ok?
And i left the post in because the link indeed is interesting and diy-supporting.
i didn't mean to cause a stir, and i definatly won't be posting anything like this again without someone asking..

i have submitted the site to the lynx section.. maybe you could include it there. if i had known about that earlier i wouldn't have even created this post =). anyways. thanks 4 helpin out and not deleting the thread entirely... my hopes is that someone looking for a 8414, ect... can do a search and find it. this isn't a get rich quick scheme, i can assure all of you i haven't made a dime on this endevour and probbaly won't for a long time, given the cost of web hosting.