Audio Capacitors

I am currently building a hybrid amp. I am working from the original article and the only information I can find on the web regarding this amp is at .

My problem is that I was originally thinking of using Elna Cerafines for the output coupling cap but these are now out of production.

Are there any other good quality 4700uf/100v electrolytics which anyone would recommend. If they are readily available in the UK then so much the better.
You might try to find either Nichicon Muse or Black Gate capacitors. While I can't vouch personally for either one, they both come highly recommended from other people I've spoken with. Failing that, of course, you can always use a more mundane electrolytic and bypass heavily with film caps. For that matter, bypassing with film caps is a good idea no matter how high a quality an electrolytic you end up using.



2001-02-04 4:23 am
This is a 'who cares?' project.The voltage gain comes from the transistor.There is loop feedback.The tube is just used for level shift.It is a pentode anyway.Active current souce load is a transistor.Now if you ditched all the transistors except the MOSFETs and ran a triode like a 417 open loop with a choke for the plate load you would have something.Output caps with dc on them are not a big problem.The biggest problem with caps is dielectric absorption.When the signal goes though the zero crossing point the absorbed charge is released and there is no signal to mask it.This sounds like hash.With a dc bias on the cap the signal never goes through a zero crossing point.Just bypass with a high quality film type and you will be ok.