Audio and Electronics Newbie

Greetings everyone, I have only just started looking through these forums and they are a fantastic source of information.

I am currently looking at building an amplifier or multi-channel amp to power the speakers I designed and built for my HT system. I am curious to see if the same holds true for electronics as it does for speaker building. You get way more "bang" for your buck. Definitly a little steeper learning curve mind you. Thanks to Rod Elliott and his ESP web site, definitly the best source of information I have found yet. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know. I am thirsty for knowledge. Thank God for the internet.

Well I hope to learn alot more from everyone here and look forward to sharing any progress I make in my quest for better sound. Back to surfing.


I'm fairly new to this too, but what I do know I share with others which is a great way to learn.

Also if I find something interesting a web search normally leaves me with a load of links to flick through when I'm bored.

I'm in the process of building my first DIY amp couresy of ESP - the P3A. This amp seems to get good reviews everywhere! maybe you should look into that as your first conquest?

May I wish you many years of good listening and most of all DIY audio!