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For Sale Audio Amateur USA magazines

Things you have for sale.
1986 - (4 issues)
1990 - (4)
1991 - (4)
1992 - (4)
1993 - (4)
1994 - (4)
1996 - (4) -AE
1997 - (6) -AE
1998 - (6) -AE
2008 - May -AX
2009 - Nov -AX

Glass Audio:
1996 - (6)

Speaker Builder
1998 - #5

All are used, but in good condition. They have my "important" text emphasis,
but that should help the next reader too.

Each yearly set will be $8 plus postage. All postage info is only for the USA !!
Even Canada will be more expensive !!
For a box (12"×8"×10" =$1) with 3 sets (weight will be 4 lb + 6 oz, ⩽5lb)
postage in the USA will depend on the zone/distance (Ground Advantage with
https://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/Notice123.htm#_c450 -attached here.
For example, zone 5 (3 sets) shipping total will be $16.

The weight of 1 set is ~20 oz. The weight of
4 sets will be 5lb, 10 oz, ⩽6lb
5 sets - 6lb, 14oz, ⩽7lb
6 sets - 8lb, 2oz, ⩽9lb, and so on.

The zone distance (from 45069 -use Google) is in the 9.4.2 section:
https://pe.usps.com/text/DMM300/608.htm#ep1271413 -attached here.

For the small weight and smaller packages my concern is how well the big envelope will
withstand the "tearing" pressure to the seams from the magazines stack inside...
And what is the experience with posting these old magazines as Media Mail? -attached here.

Postage for box and distance  4-21-2024.png

Zones - distances.png

Media Mail.png
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