Audax VP100Z2 = Fullrange?

Hello, i've a pair of audax vp100z on hand.
It's datasheet write it's as full range but with 2 way design the tweeter stack on the woofer.
Actually it's use for a car speaker, can i use as home audio speaker? I'm confuse how to measure right box for this speaker.
Can someone help me here since i've no experience on it.

My computer will not let me download the data on those drivers at the moment, Later I will look at it when problem is over. I would however just try those drivers in open baffle of about 18" wide or so to start. then heavily play with toe in & toe out speaker position. I bet you will be surprised at just runnin them NO BOX....
The two key numbers are QTS and VAS - 0.55 and 0.95L respectively. QTS is really too high for a reflex enclosure, so you would have to go sealed. I would guess something like 1.5 L, although it isn't at all critical. In a box, you will get -3dB at something like 140Hz, so they are not going to give any real bass at all, and will need a sub woofer for general purpose music use.

The small size and limited Xmax mean it won't play very loud, and will get very muddled if you feed it even small amounts of bass. You will have to use an active crossover.

The frequency response (and waterfall) look really horrible, so don't expect very high fidelity.
Hello, can this audax implement the enclosure likes FE83E Recommended Double Bass Reflex Type Enclosure Plans? I want to use this speaker to listen music in my bedroom. Will use it just stereo without subwoofer, so i want to have a little bit lower freq from this driver. Any suggestions?