Audax pr170z0 question


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2002-01-15 12:57 am
Tyrone Ga. U.S.A.
Over on the single driver forum a lot is made of using Damar varnish to treat speaker cones. I have a pair of Audax PR170zo mids that are just a little bright to my ear and I think would benifit
from this treatment. Has anyone here had experience coating
areogel cones?

Thanks in advance,

Woody AKA bob12345678
bob12345678 said:
Has anyone here had experience coating areogel cones?

I have some damar i have yet to play with. My gut says that it probably works with paper cones where it can soak in. I have, thou, used puzzlecoat for the same purpose for the last 25 years includng on the paper PR17. I have had good luck, and have the reports back from another, that PZC also works at killing the resonance on the MCM Al cone 5s and wouldn't hesitate to try it on a misbehaving plastic (aerogel) cone -- very cautiously thou, it isn't a cheap driver. Remember, this is not easily ornecessarily cheaply reversable.

There are a number of "official" compounds like Lords BL100 that could be used too.