Audax HT Questions!

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I am new to the DIY world, and hope my questions are not too foolish. I am in the process of purchasing the parts for the Audax HT system, and I already have some questions. They are:

1) Accoustic Foam. Where to purchase 2" Foam to line the ported boxes? I checked PE, but they only have 1.5" and 2.5". Is it best to follow the guidlines from D'Appolito's write up? If so could someone point me in the right direction?

2) In the write up it doesn't say if you are supposed to fill the sealed surround speakers (remember I am new...). I assume you do, but it doesn't specifically say to.

3) Ports! Go with PVC from the local Hardware store or buy prefab from Madisound or others. If it is the latter please make a recommendation on where to purchase. PE has 2 & 7/8" ports and Madisound has 3" but 17" long... Also neither has 2" as called out for in the center channel.

4) Stain for Veneer. I bought some Pressure Sensetive Veneer (I didn't want to mess with trying to edge. It was on sale for 20% off anyway.) and have heard alot of different things on what product to use. I was thinking of using Gell Stain from Minwax, since it adheres well. If you have other ideas let me know!

5) Sub-Woofer! After reading all the posts I am definitely going to stay away from the one recommended. I was thinking with going the Adire Shiva II, any thoughts on box size or schematic? Everyone doesn't like the gain of +6dB in the PE amp, I would rather not deal with bypassing (but hey if it is the best way then...) any others that you would recommend?

6) Ported or Sealed Sub. Ok stupid question but which is larger. I have to make sure SAF doesn't get out of hand....

Ok I guess it wasn't a few questions, but I hope you can answer at least a couple.... I am sure I will have more.

Thanks for your time.

DIY Newbie!
1) Use what you can find. If you aren't using the driver he suggests, then you're basically building a new sub anyways. Dont worry too much about the thickness, you can compensate for it by reducing your stuffing later.

3) Go with PVC pipe, but buy port flares from Madisound.

5) Adire Shiva (I use it), Dayton Titanic, Blueprint 1201, Peerless XLS, all good.

Amps: I use the Adire AVA-250, but you can try Apex Jr too

6) It all depends on the parameters of the driver. Download WinISD or another boxplot program to see the possibilites.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like. Good luck
Super thanks for your input. I hope to get the final list of items in the next few days. I can't wait to start building them! Does anyone have any suggestions on DVD's to test Receivers? I am going to use my copy of The Matrix. I think I think I saw a list of recommended DVD's to test Receivers, but can't remember the site. If anyone knows of a list or a link I would much appreciate it.

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my personal favs for testing receivers are

for a THX receiver - Phantom Menace, the beginning of the race scene
DD receiver - opening scene from Lethal Weapon 4, bomb blast from Swordfish, opening race from Fast and the Furious.
DTS receiver - Up in Smoke
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