AUDAX Ap170Z0? & a few questions

Are these any good? A few questions...

Ten years ago I purchased a pair of Audax AP170Z0 6 1/2" mid bass speakers from Audio Express to replace a damaged 6 1/2" mid bass speakers in some old (American Acoustic Lab) AAl D2550E ported two ways I was using for rear surrounds.

I was new {still am}to picking out speakers & choose the Audax because they were the same size as the OEM AAL speakers. I still do not know how to use the cut sheets from the manufactures, see attached. The box dims are 9 1/2" Wx12"Hx7"D w/ 2" dia.x 5 " deep w/ a 1/2" circular dense plate behind the port secured to the back. There is a cross over wired in but I cannot read the type. In the day AAl's were known to use a good crossover design, the tweeter is a 1" dia. w/ a plastic cage. See attached. With the size of the boxes am I using these speakers to their best efficiency or would a different speaker be better in their place. Would these Audax's be better used in another set-up?

They sound great. Any idea on current value? I forgot what I paid for them.

I still have the 12" AAL DRS 3-ways I was using as the mains in my first home theater, the receiver used a 'phantom center" The foam on the three ways have long since rotted away I have not replaced the woofers & they are now boxed up any suggestions for replacement 12" woofers? The mids & tweeters are in good shape.

(PSB Image series are now my mains & center with Alphas as my side & rear surrounds. w/ an Onkyo 7.1 AV receiver.)

Also still looking for a good DYI full range speaker design for an old Yamaha 25W R300 receiver & turntable set up I have from my college days. any suggestions? Love the mellow sound, not as harsh as my Onkyo. Funny how current tech cannot sound as good as the old late 70's/80's tech.



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