Atx computer powersupply Wireing schematic

Im looking for a schematic to tell me the pinouts to turn on a atx powersupply and also to load it i remember reading on this form that you have to put a load on the 5v side to make the power supply put out its full curent.. ( some one was using one for a car amp and that is where i read it..

Can any one help me please..

Not exactly sure as I don't have one in front of me.

But I think the green wire.. should be like 4th from the left on one of the sides.. short it with ground. With my supply it'll only work by shorting to a specific ground that is located very close to the green wire. don't remember which. just try all of them.


2002-04-12 4:41 am
The link that I posted turns on the power supply.

All power supplies comes with a manual that shows the pin output of all the power connector. The power supplies that came with the case does not have a manual for the power supply.

JasonL, why are you going to power with computer power supplies. Its best to buy a linear power supply for audio use. Also 18 gauge or gage is not big enough for high current devices. There is too much a voltage drop for amplifiers.